Friday, December 11, 2009


The other night, I had a good friend of mine over for dinner and we were catching up on the last few months since we hadn't seen each other in a long time. She proceeded to tell me that she decided to join an acting class. I was like,"Awesome, what inspired you to do that?" She said, "Oh, you know it's my one scary thing I do a day." I asked her about this "one scary thing a day" bit and she began to tell me that she's created this as a daily habit.

Everyday, my friend wakes up and goes through her thoughts and either does something she's been putting off, or one thing she's just plain scared of doing. She then told me since she started this habit, she's booked 3 international/ national commercials, started her weekly blog, became a volunteer for a local shelter to help out for the holidays and took up sewing...WOW! I was beyond impressed...

I immediately told her that I would be adopting this rule for myself. I'll be honest, in the's not easy. However, you'll notice that once you get into the habit, this unknown power you never thought you had, just shows up!

Just imagine the breakthroughs we can have as artists and performers if we all did just ONE thing that scared us...hmmmmm

You could:
-take that ballet class you've been putting off
-jump into a freestyle circle for the first time
-call that person you've been avoiding calling
-finally start your new workout regimen

The possibilities are endless...

If just the mere thought of even trying this freaks you out, my suggestion is this:

Find a partner to do it with you:)

My business and choreography partner Chonique has always been my support through the scariest of scary times and we encourage each other to feel the fear and do it anyway. How else are we going to grow?

Remember, most of the time, the things that you are most scared of are what you truly care about and want to see yourself succeed in. Keep pushing yourself the distance...

FIGHT THE FEAR! 2010....Let's GO!

xoxox and Happiest of Holidays