Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Still on an exhilarating high from Monsters of Hip Hop DAllas,
I must say... this was one of the most energetic inspiring convention weekends I've had yet.

The Dancers were on fire, the teachers were in rare form, and the rawness and vibe in general showed and proved why Dallas represents a part of "that Dirty South"!

This weekend Creating Opportunities seminar focused on "The Power of Connection".
We did hands on exercises that helped dancers see the real difference between...
Introducing Yourself vs. Making a Connection.
Introducing yourself is definitely the first step, but it really only allows a quick tid bit of information about yourself that can easily be forgotten.

One of the exercises allowed the dancers to walk around the room and make connections with other dancers. This exercise is huge guys, it really gives a sense on how far you will go to make a connection. Some dancers just stayed in their area introducing themselves with no plan on stepping outside of their comfort zone. Others crossed the room and really got to share about themselves and find out knowledge about others who share there passions.

Only 3 people out of over 100 came up and made a connection with me. No dancers went and made connections with Kevin Maher or Marty Kudelka who were standing in the back of the room the ENTIRE TIME! Two of the most working choreographers right now, and no one connected with them??? Come on guys you must step out of your comfort zones to get closer to your dreams and goals!

Work it out Olney, Denell and Drema!
These 3 people I will remember because they made a point to make a connection with me and they shared something about themselves that was memorable.

A lot of dancers found that, almost instantly after introducing themselves they forgot the persons name. This is very normal. Which is why, when making a real connection you must 1)Share something about yourself that is distinct to you.
2)Ask a question you want to know about the person you are making the connection with that will most likely be memorable to you.

I was very inspired and proud of the alumni's who so willingly came up and shared about themselves and were "ON TIME" to the seminar.
Good Work Sean, Candace, Allisandra, Christian, Martel... if I'm forgetting anyone I apologize. You Still ROCK!!

As the new Artistic Director of the Beat Freaks, I got to make a powerful connection with one of my inspirations Kenny Ortega at the Dizzy Feet Charity Event. Also in the Pic is Dancer turned actor/Comedian Robert Hoffman.

Remeber guys it's not just about Introducing yourself, You must leave a lasting memorable impression so you can evolve your connections and continue to make new ones.
It doesn't happen over night.. it takes practice like any thing else.
So go out and practice making connections, it can make all of the difference!


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