Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the beginning....

There were two girls who just loved to dance...It's all they ever thought about, talked about and DID! Spending every waking moment at the dance studio, they fed their passion and trained with the best of the best. After countless auditions, dancing on free gigs and showcasing themselves wherever they had an audience..these two talents met and became friends.

Their careers as dancers began to skyrocket, they toured the globe performing and living their dreams. Their faces graced MTV on an hourly basis and no more taking those "free" gigs...it finally happened for them...a full fledged "dance career"!

One night the two girls were hanging out at the place where all the "kids" frequented...LA's own Choreographer's Carnival. Sitting upstairs, they watched the show and were left feeling a little less than inspired. They decided to take matters into their own hands and "CREATE AN OPPORTUNITY".

They quickly got on the phone and called all of their fellow dancer friends and decided to choreograph a number in the following month's show just because they felt they had something to share. They conceptualized, choreographed and styled an all girl number that SMASHED at the event. The crowd went wild and when the host of the show brought them up on stage to chat, they knew this would be the beginning of something big....Big indeed, in fact, one of the biggest LA agents asked to sign them as choreographers THAT NIGHT...and the next part of their journey began...

They spent their days hanging out, and drawing inspiration from Fashion, Art, and Music while Creating Opportunities wherever they went.

It all happened so fast that these two girls thought.."hey, this is easy"..but boy did they have it coming. The transition from being dancers to choreographers was tough...They were constantly hustling, back to doing those "free gigs" and starting from the bottom to work their way up the very competative "choreography ladder". They worked their asses off and knew that it would pay off if they just stayed true to what inspired them and what they believed in as artists and creators..

Things started to turn around and look up for these two as they began networking and putting their work out there and they soon began to book jobs choreographing for some big names. Britney, check. Pink, check. JLo, check! Ahhhhh...success again...but what was next?


From choreography for films, commercials, music videos, tours and TV to artistic direction...directing music videos, creating a television show for kids, and embarking on their own music careers...these two ladies have seen, done, and experienced it all...and have had an awesome time doing it!

Their next step is to share it with all of you! What mark do you want to make in this industry? What are your dreams and how do you make them real? How can you create your own story??? We'll show you how...

"Creating Opportunites"...it's more than the moves


OLiviAKEllY said...
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OLiviAKEllY said...

Hi my name is Olivia Kelly I just wanted to say congrats to both of you you've worked so hard and you deserve it and you guys are a big inspiration to me... And the class at Monsters of Hip Hop Creating Opportunities was amazing I wish it could be one of my classes at school : )
I am looking forward to reading all the things you guys post : )
Thank You...

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