Monday, November 2, 2009


Recently when I gave the seminar for Creating Opportunities in Denver, Colorado, I noticed something so big....During our "powerful networking" exercise, only one young lady named Erin approached me. Only 1!!! What????!!!! (Good job by the way Erin)

Guys, this is huge...Networking opportunities are all around you...on the plane, in class, at the studio, or at an audition. 50% of your opportunities as a dancer or choreographer are going to come from your ability to network your butt off:)

I realize as dancers, we are so used to expressing ourselves with our bodies, and we're great at it! As you move through your career, realize that being able to express who you are verbally is just as important.

Try this on:
Next time you're on a plane or a public place, instead of just sitting there in silence...ask the person next to you their name and what they do...or what I do which really breaks the ice is say, "So what's your story?" Lol...believe me it opens people up.

Most people WANT to connect with you. We often think that if we talk to people or ask them questions about their passions of what it is they are up to, that we'll be "bothering" them. Not the case. You'll be surprised on what you can find out, what opportunities you can create and how much you might have in common with that person.

If you see yourself becoming a professional dancer, or creating a career for yourself in anything for that matter...practice this. At Monsters of Hip Hop, you have so many opportunities to meet so many fellow dancers, choreographers, etc. USE YOUR MOMENTS!!

*Having a business card with your info and a pic of your face will be a great networking tool!!!

Above is a picture of a great connection I made with the band COBRA STARSHIP at the MTV LATIN VMA's last month...I was not afraid to talk to them, share with them and laugh with them...they're great and we've kept in touch and look forward to collaborating in the future again:)

Keep in touch with US!!!'s what's for dinner! LOL

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